About Me

I have been involved in the 1/6th hobby for most of my life, albeit not continuously. As a kid, like many of my contemporaries, I collected G.I. Joes. Eventually, my collection became more a lot of playthings than parts of collections. This obviously led to the demise of said collection.

Several years ago, my parents purchased my son and my nephew their very first G.I. Joe figures. This sparked a renewed interest in the hobby. I discovered quickly that for the adult collector there were many newer and more complex and accurate options.

These options were not only newer and more intricate, they were way more exponentially more expensive. I discovered Dragon Models, Toy Soldier, ace Workshop, Soldier Story and many, many others. I also discovered an entire community of online hobbyists who taught me to unlock the potential of the 12" action figures through customization, historic detailing and using real materials instead of plastic and rubber.

My renewed interest in the hobby also led to a renewed and vigorous hunger for military history, particularly during the World War II time frame. Now Vietnam is my area of focus for history and the hobby.

Early on I exclusively collected, created and customized modern era figures, but about 2004 my interest turned to World War II and last year to Vietnam. The modern figures are trying desperately to hang onto the shrinking shelf space they have been allotted in my collection. I now have more than 250 figures from five different decades.

Look for me online. My online handle is JTFazz.


You can tell with the samples above how far the industry and hobby has come since I was a kid. On the left is the classic GI Joe Sailor figure produced by Hasbro Toys. At the right is the recent release of the "Sam Blake" Sailor from Dragon Models Limited. The figures produced by DML and its competitors take great pains to make equipment for their figures accurate in terms of scale, material and functionality. The figures themselves have very lifelike head sculpts and have many more points of poseable articulation.

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