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This site is my collection of information regarding the world of collecting and customizing 1/6th scale, historically accurate military action figures. I primarily focus on the World War II era and mostly on American figures.

Also here you will find my blog about the hobby, links to the online 1/6 hobby community, examples of my custom work and examples of my collection of custom figures. I will also link to examples of some of the finest work from the most talented artisans in this hobby.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope to see you around the online community that fuels the interest in this hobby across the country and indeed across the planet.

For fellow hobbyists, welcome in. For newbies, poke around and visit the site as well as some of the links in the reference section.



Minitroops One Sixth Scale Dictionary of Terms

Custom - A hobbyist's original custom work, created to augment their own figures, sell to other hobbyists or other to showcase.

Bash or Kitbash - An action figure completed by a hobbyist who collects parts from various sources to complete a customized action figure to their own preferences or to make the figure more accurate.

Kit or Boxed Kit - A complete boxed figure and its accessories as sold as a whole retail product. These kits are typically made by Dragon Models, Blue Box Toys, Dragon in Dream, Armoury, Twisting Toyz and others.

Headsculpt - The head of a figure, judged by hobbyists for its likeness and realism.

Board or Forum - Online communities where hobbyists hang out, talk about the hobby and share ideas and showcase their work.

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